Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments Services

Loss of Household Services

The methodology used in this assessment incorporates a detailed review of the impairment, through medical and file documentation and the claimant’s post incident functional abilities. These are compared to the physical demands of pre-loss household tasks (on a task by task basis). A determination is made as to which, if any, housekeeping and home maintenance tasks the individual cannot perform as a direct result of the incident-specific impairment. A statistical calculation of Worklife Expectancy as well as Life and Disability Free Life Expectancy may be used to determine the duration of this loss.

When assessing an individual’s needs regarding Housekeeping/Home Maintenance as well as personal care needs, other factors may be important such as the person’s Occupational Activities. e.g., a person who is working full time might require more assistance than a person who is working part time or not at all.

Also, by supporting the individual’s housekeeping or personal care challenges through education, assistive devices and replacement services, he or she would be better equipped to  maintain an advantageous position for long-term contribution to the labour force.